The Birth of a “Revolutionary” Motorsport Student Race Series

We all know about the power of learning by doing; there’s nothing quite like it. You can read books, you can attend lectures, and you can take the tests but there’s nothing that enhances learning quite like actually getting your hands “dirty” (or in this case, “greasy”).

But when it comes to Motorsports education, there may be a growing “disconnect” with the education and programs offered in Colleges and Universities where the programs don’t produce the expected and very much needed requirements that industry is looking for.

And to make matters worse, the student guidance often times isn’t on-target either.

Enter Alan O’Neill’s SCU Motorsport…

Alan knows all about learning by doing. After all he is a College Motorsports Lecturer, a Race Team Developer, and the Owner and Director of new Race Series exclusively designed for College & University students.

The benefits of this new Race Series?

• SCU Motorsport supplies a race car in component form to the College or University for the students to build.
• Students get experience at the “hands-on” level (called the FE Level in the UK).
• Students get to experience real-life race situations such as tuning, practice, qualifying runs, repairs against the clock, and the actual race itself.
• Students learn massively from the first race series that focuses on the development of mechanics and engineers.

Sound cool? It is.

Right now, SCU Motorsport is gaining traction and moving quickly and the target is to launch in January of 2019.

Stay tuned for more.

Here’s to learning by doing in College & University Motorsports!