Expert Help

When you feel like you need help but have no idea where to begin or when you’d like help so you can achieve the career progress you’d like, start here. Whether it’s needing Expert guidance on a career decision or help writing your C.V., this is where we can help.

Presentations for Colleges and Technical Schools

Presentations for Colleges and Technical Schools

Group Instruction

In-person or Streaming Presentations are available on the following topics:

  • “C.V. and Resume Power Tips”
  • “Why all Motorsports Job Candidates Need to be in the Business of Sales”
  • “Emotional Direct Response for Motorsports Job Candidates”
  • “Motorsport Job Candidate Sales Techniques”
  • Half day, in-person Workshops that will transform a student’s C.V. or Resume into what a Recruiter or Hiring Manager is looking for.
C.V. and Resume Writing Services

C.V. and Resume Writing Services

Writing Services

Have your C.V. or Resume professionally written “for you”. Professional writers who know how to bring out and feature your strengths can make a huge difference in your “first impression”. Remember – you only get one first impression.

Please indicate if you are a College or Technical School Student or an Experienced Professional already in the industry.

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

Personal Strategy

The Personal Coaching we offer is designed to eliminate the barriers to career productivity, career results, and the success that challenges you. It’s a program focused on helping you learn successful career achievement strategies and on how to implement them in a carefully structured way in order to attain your career goals.



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