Feedback is important because it paints a clear picture of whether a real value is offered or not. Meaning, does the service offered really provide something of value that every Motorsports professional looking to move ahead in their careers would want? We performed more than a year’s worth of research, and we’ve received the same feedback repeatedly; Motorsports professionals and candidates want accurate, time-tested advice to help them with career pursuits. So we partnered with some of the top Universities and Recruiting Services around the world to bring proven advice from the Experts who have the answers to your most important questions.

Benefits offered

  • Accurate, time-tested advice
  • Learn straight from Motorsports Teachers and Recruiters
  • Proven Methods and Strategies that work
  • Live, scheduled Trainings so you can learn faster

“A great resource. Definitely not an “opinion” site. I like getting advice I can trust.”

Kevin H., Austin, TX

“I appreciate you taking the time to review my CV. I will act on those recommendations as soon as possible. Thank you for your help and best wishes.”

Darren N., Antrim, Ireland

“My husband was happy to find Motorsports Career Advisor. He doesn’t have anybody close to him that can offer solid advice on how to get the job he wants.”

Wendy Z., Blue Bell, PA

“The articles and tools here aren’t fluff – these are useful tips and the coaching gave me the direction I needed badly. I’m excited about my next career jump and for once I have a plan.”

David B., Canton, OH

“MotorsportsCareerAdvisor is absolutely devoted to help candidates/students land up their dream job by providing them with the best advice and reading materials that would guide them and further, they can form a roadmap for them so they can work in a well-organized manner. Their reading material i.e. blogs, podcasts, interviews with the experts are so helping and effective.”

Meetali Ohri

“I feel these interviews are beneficial to students for several reasons. The main reason being that the path into motorsport employment is still not common knowledge. Once you start working in motorsport, you quickly learn the progression path you need/want to take. The hard part is figuring out the initial step you need to take to ‘break in’ to the industry. There are so many ways this can be done so it’s important to publish these methods because it’s not as simple as applying for a position – which is the conventional way in other industries. Most jobs aren’t even advertised! So for this reason I think it’s important for students to hear the possible methods they can use to start in motorsport employment.”

Ash Willoughby