Personal Characteristics Hiring Managers are Looking for in Motorsports Job Candidates

If you’re looking to get into a motorsports career, you’ll have your hands full. Meaning, it’s not easy. It’s a very competitive area and while having experience with technology and academics is expected, it is just as important to have “winning” personal characteristics as well. 

I’ve heard from multiple recruiters and those in the sport that there are always plenty of candidates for every position and often times what separates those who land the motorsports jobs from those who don’t are those same personal characteristics. Characteristics such as problem solving abilities, the ability to work under pressure, the ability to handle short timelines, commitment, focus, leadership and more. These are often times the “deal makers” or the “deal breakers”.

If you’re just coming out of school and have led school projects or have completed complicated projects under short timelines, this is ideal material to feature. Many times schools have projects that require you to design and launch a product or service and this is a great opportunity to feature your leadership skills. Don’t be shy in this area or sell yourself short; you’ve probably had some great accomplishments and recruiters and hiring managers need to see that. Motorsports school is not easy and requires many hours of problem solving, patience and the ability to see the task through and recruiters and hiring managers know that.

On the other hand, if you’ve been in the industry for a while and have a significant motorsports career, be sure to highlight those same positive characteristics on your C.V. or resume. Use keywords such as “Lead”, “Managed”, “Solved”, “Delivered” and so forth. **Think about what the hiring manager would want in a candidate; literally put yourself in your new boss’s shoes. What would he or she want from you? What skills and characteristics do you think they’re looking for? If you have an idea what these are, then give it to them. Show the recruiter or the hiring manager that you can “handle” the position and that you’re the best candidate for it. Yes, it does take a little selling (something you may or may not be comfortable with) but you deserve that new position. Prepare yourself to win it by featuring those winning personal characteristics and land the motorsports job you’re looking for.