Automotive and Motorsport TV, Video, and Cinema Production – an Interview with Director and TV Host Susanna Botazzi

Bio: Susanna Bottazzi is the Director and Communication Manager for, which creates stunning Showreels, Graphics/Animation, Format Television, Video, and Cinema Productions.  Susanna is an experienced Speaker and Telivision Host, and along with her co-founder partner Andrea Vardi, they create some stunning Videos, Interviews, and Presentations for Motorsport and other notable events.

Their formats for Television include, which is dedicated to the two wheel specialty, and the Drive Collection, which is dedicated to classic cars and super sports.  Both formats both have facebook and a you tube pages so you can see their work.  Susanna and Andrea also implement a new, visually captivating camera technique called “Hyperlapse” along with an innovative editing technique called “Hyperzoom” – both of which you really need to see see how cool they are for yourself (especially the aerial films via drone done in 4k).

Mike:  Hello Susanna; so tell me, how did you start out into tv, video and into the director position at

Susanna:  I have begun just for fun! I graduated in Education Sciences and I started to present evening events. My future husband saw me and told me: “Why we don’t realize a tv format for motorcycle enthusiasts?” He worked for a regional tv and he is a lover of Harley-Davidson. I had just finished my experience working in a season of MotoGP. From here with passion and dedication grows It was broadcast in many regional tv in Italy, Switzerland and Croatia. Now we work a lot using the web

Within two years, exactly in 2006, we have opened our web site and now we are working at full capacity realizing tv formats, short films, emotional and corporate videos. Like a typical Director, I have to look for new contacts every days, to manage events we attend, to prepare general presentations and conduct interviews for and Drive Collection

Mike:  Please tell us about your work with and Drive Collection and the other work you do.

Susanna: is our first format we realized. It talks about passion for motorcycles, travels, and friendship. Every journey bring us to meet new people to share important moments of our life. Biker Explorer doesn’t want to be a technical program but it talks about life stories. Through me people tell their stories. People are the protagonists.

Drive Collection works the same way: it talks about people, travel, and passion…not for motorcycles but for vintage cars. Moreover for 10 years we have been realizing video-service for Motor Fairs and Horses Fairs with video interviews and emotional videos.

A new project we have is called “Portrait” – a video portrait for any character from the world of motorsport who wants to tell all about itself. It is a short clip for internet with emotional pictures and scripted monologues.

Mike:  That’s awesome.  So with all these different types of media and productions, what have been some of the biggest challenges that you’ve encountered?

Susanna:  The greatest challenge has been to make “something” that wasn’t there before…and to be able to do this “something” as our main work. I am speaking about

We have been among the first to believe in the power of the web and to make a web tv by investing. We have managed to get respect and credibility in different sectors of motorsport.

Mike:  Yes, I understand.  Most people don’t think to “see what’s not there” and create it.  I believe it’s a learned skill and it takes practice and hard work and persistence.

So with that, what do you see as some of the newer opportunities developing in your type of Motorsport work?

Susanna:  I see a great potential in the vintage cars industry.  Good career prospects for car restorers, engineers, mechanics and professionals working in that industry.  This world is attracting more and more young people into these areas by joining different generations.

Mike:  I do believe that, as there are more and more collectible cars that are in high demand because of their beauty and also investment potential.

So, from what you’ve seen and experienced in your unique areas of expertise, what suggestions would you offer to Motorsports enthusiasts who want to attain a good position in and around what you do?

Susanna:  First of all you have to study what really you like and you have to gain as much experience as possible.  If you have the opportunity, attend an internship abroad to enrich your C.V.  You should practice while you are studying to optimize the timing so as to be more competitive.

I have a tip: NEVER GIVE UP! The results sooner or later arrive if you believe it!!

Mike:  That’s awesome Susanna – I agree.  Thank you for this short but valuable interview!

Susanna: Thanks Mike!

*To learn more about what Susanna and Andrea do with their unique video services and more, visit  You can also see some of their work on and on Drive Collection YouTube.