Rapid Implementation Blueprint for Motorsports Job Candidates


Quick Overview

This Blueprint contains all the necessary steps and processes to help you prepare your C.V. or Resume for any Hiring Manager or Recruiter. You’ll be able to avoid the 5 most common mistakes, you'll have full use of our “proven”, Recruiter-Tested C.V. and Resume Templates and then you'll have us put the final touches on your C.V. or Resume with our “C.V. / Resume Quality Check”. This will assure that your C.V. or Resume will be the best it can possibly be and you’ll be able to separate yourself from the other job candidates and come out on top.



There’s something here for everybody. From those completely new to motorsports to those with many years of experience, this system can be used to obtain fantastic positions without anxiety, worry or stress. This “Blueprint” is the formula for success to obtain any specialty within motorsports jobs; from Marketing to Mechanics and from Design to Journalism.

This product includes:

1) Your “Quick Start Blueprint”: The 7 Critical Steps that will have you 100% ready to interact with Hiring Managers and Recruiters and show them your absolute best. This is a true plan of “action”, designed to keep you focused and on the right path to obtaining the job you want.

2) 25 Proven, Recruiter-Tested “Done-for-You” C.V. and Resume Templates: These templates have been selected by professional motorsports Recruiters as the “best in class”. This is our entire collection which includes additional options. Just plug your experience into any one of these formats and you’re ready for any opportunity.

3) The Motorsports Career Advisor “C.V. / Resume Quality Check” Service (value $97): Typically for paid coaching clients only, this service includes a revision and update of your C.V. or Resume by the professionals here at Motorsports Career Advisor. We’ll take your existing C.V or Resume and provide you with a complete “makeover” so it’ll be the best it can possibly be before you show it to a Hiring Manager or Recruiter. Consider us your “safety net”.